Saturday, July 31, 2010

Road Trip

Need a road trip - gotta get out of town. Lisa offered to go - just not as early as I was thinking. So we will hit the road at 9a - well not really - that is when I can pick her up which means maybe 930. Then....... Seward here we come!!!!!


  1. Hope you had a blast! In response to your question about sketching in church, I wait until the worship time is over and the preaching has started. Most people sit pretty still while they listen to the sermon. I try to pick someone no more than one row in front of me or in the same row but to the side. And NO, I do not let them know I am sketching them. If it turns out very wrong I don't want them thinking that's what they really look like nor do I want people hiding from me if they know I'm going to be sketching.

  2. Hey, I didn't know that you were blogging!

  3. Hi Ms. Janice! This is Andrea, the Missionary in Israel from The Kim Komando Show Call-in. I have JUST LEARNED how to respond to those who post comments on my Blog. Forgive me for taking so long. I would like to tell you " thank you" and "May God Bless You". Your kindness and Prayers are so special and important to me and The Ministry. Thank You So Much. Maybe you could please give me some tips on how to make my Blog pretty like yours! Well, it sounds as though you have adventure ahead! Go With God! Please say hello to those beautiful mountains for me. In Christ, Andrea (I'm on facebook under'Andrea Pauline')

  4. Hi Janice -
    I just saw your comment on "Born to be our Baby" and had to contact you. I am an Alaskan and am in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. I have not been able to find many Ethiopian adoptive families in our state. I would LOVE to connect with the family from your church that you mentioned in your blog comment. Perhaps you could share my blog with them and they could contact me if they are interested??
    Thanks SO much!