Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Our Care Group began meeting again tonite. It was good to be with friends, share a meal and wonderful conversation. Hecter and Heidi did a baked potato bar {yumm-o} and Seccoro baked a beautiful cake for our desert! It was beautiful and even had those little white decorations that go on wedding cakes. Seccoro made my birthday cake in October, it was AMAZING! It looked just like a huge cupcake. She did such a great job I was sure it had been done by a bakery. She is a very talented young lady.

Our group will meet again in two weeks and I will do the meal. Now just to figure out what to make. With diet restrictions because of health concerns with some of our group, I need to put some thought into what I bring. Two members have diabetes, one counts carbs and others do Weight Watchers. I guess I will need to pull out some of my WW cookbooks and see what I can find. Healthy and tasty is what I will strive for. Any suggestions???

Sweet dreams all, I am calling it a night.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The news from Haiti about their earthquake is heartbreaking. I went thru the '64 quake and that was bad; but today's 7.0 just outside of the capital was devestating. My heart goes out to the people of Haiti - especially the children.

My prayer is that help will get there quickly.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Steps

I found out there is a program on TV about me. It's called Hoarders. I see so much of myself in the lives of these people. The first time I saw the program I had to turn it off because it hurt my heart. I guess it was just too close to home. I saw what could happen to me if I don't get help.

I believe the Lord is using that program to guide me to a life of help and hope. Because of that hope, I can see a way out. I know it will not be easy - or fast - but with time, work and the help of the Lord I have faith that I can change.

I need help and part of that help will come from a program called "Flylady". I have started by taking Baby Steps. Today I began working on the kitchen. It took a couple hours but I can now see my sink. It isn't "shiney" but I can actually see the bottom of my kitchen sink. That does not mean my kitchen is clean. That will probably take another day or two; but it will get done.

I serve a God of new beginnings and tomorrow offers the promise of a continuation of this new beginning.

If you read my blog, please pray for me as I begin this journey.