Monday, June 21, 2010

The "LONGEST" day of the year!

Another beautiful sunny day in Anchorage. The sunshine renews my energy and the Son renews my spirit. Thank You Lord for both!

Today is the" longest" day of the year. Midnight golf, baseball and fireworks that can not be seen because the sun is still shining!

It was also 37 years ago that my mother died. Yesterday I left lilac's at her grave and also my dad's. When I miss her I don't know if I miss who she was or if I miss the mommy I wish she had been. I certainly do not miss the drunk. I do miss the loving woman she could sometimes be when she was sober. Okay, now I am sad. Enough of this, back to to the beautiful sunshine.

What a lovely day it will be. The work day will be crazy! The building season is in full force and my sales staf is busy selling, selling, selling. It is such a good thing. Tonight there is a tour of the Anchorage Cemetary. Sounds odd but it tours the grave sites of the pioneers and elders. I think I just might go.

Blessings to anyone that stops by for a visit!

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