Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Steps

I found out there is a program on TV about me. It's called Hoarders. I see so much of myself in the lives of these people. The first time I saw the program I had to turn it off because it hurt my heart. I guess it was just too close to home. I saw what could happen to me if I don't get help.

I believe the Lord is using that program to guide me to a life of help and hope. Because of that hope, I can see a way out. I know it will not be easy - or fast - but with time, work and the help of the Lord I have faith that I can change.

I need help and part of that help will come from a program called "Flylady". I have started by taking Baby Steps. Today I began working on the kitchen. It took a couple hours but I can now see my sink. It isn't "shiney" but I can actually see the bottom of my kitchen sink. That does not mean my kitchen is clean. That will probably take another day or two; but it will get done.

I serve a God of new beginnings and tomorrow offers the promise of a continuation of this new beginning.

If you read my blog, please pray for me as I begin this journey.


  1. Good Morning, Janice!

    I posted the how-to for adding the Bible Look-Up and Audio Bible in the comments section of the post you commented on. You shouldn't have any problems but let me know it you do.

    Baby steps are perfect for getting started in the right direction. I take them everyday. Praying for success as you walk forward :)

    Kindly, ldh

  2. Janice, I have heard of flylady. I'm glad that you have taken the 1st step. I will pray for you. Just so you know, all the times that we meet in your house it seemed fine. But I never did look in your rooms so who knows what was back there.

    I would love to have you down in the spring. Why do you want to come down much much later after the babies are born? Think I'm going to ask you to stick a hand up a goat? The babies are due May 5 and 14th.
    for your planing.